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 We are concerned because we do not fully understand the insurance matters of our overseas business

 We are worried that the risks of our overseas subsidiaries are not dealt appropriately

Suggestion by A.R.M.S. Consulting

It is necessary to design and build your company's global insurance program after accurately grasping the current insurance arrangement situation of your overseas entities. It is also important to consider compliance issues from a global perspective.
A.R.M.S. Consulting will collect all of your overseas insurance policies, analyse and verify the coverage of each entity and summarize it on a list for your easy reference. As a result, you will be able to understand and evaluate the problems of your insurance arrangements from a worldwide perspective. As a reference, we will provide you with a proposal of a worldwide insurance program based on our findings.

 It is difficult to understand the coverage and exclusion clauses of insurance policies issued in English and other
   foreign languages.

Suggestion by A.R.M.S. Consulting

It is a heavy burden for the risk manager to check and understand the contents of many foreign language policies especially during busy daily work. A.R.M.S. Consulting will assist these tasks. (We do not provide simple translation work only.)
Regarding insurance policies issued by domestic and foreign insurance companies and brokers, we will do the following.
Explanation of the coverage and exclusion clauses by analysing the insurance policies
Explanation of whether or not the insurance policy wordings matches the needs of your corporate risk
Proposals for solving problems, based on potential risks of your business

 We are not able to provide sufficient support to consultations and requirements for assistance related to
   insurance matters from our overseas entities.

Suggestion by A.R.M.S. Consulting

A.R.M.S. Consulting experts who are familiar with the latest situation of the overseas insurance markets will assist you to respond promptly and appropriately to consultation and assistance requests from your overseas entities.

 We would like to know the situation overseas, such as overseas insurance regulations and Compliance
   information, but we do not have the resource to obtain this sort of information easily on a timely manner.

Suggestion by A.R.M.S. Consulting

Please feel free to contact us at any time, for infromation such as insurance terms used in domestic and foreign insurance markets, interpretation of insurance policies, overseas broker information and foreign insurance regulations. The experts of A.R.M.S. Consulting will be happy to provide information at any time.