For Global Business enterprises, the demand to introduce and construct effective global insurance programs armed by various state-of-the-art property and casualty insurance products against the constantly changing business environment surrounded by various domestic and overseas risks is increasing more than ever.

Furthermore, since the business risk of Global Business enterprises varies from company to company, it is increasingly important for the global insurance program to be designed and built as a "tailor-made" scheme with sufficient understanding of the business risks unique to the company.

As a professional in the property & casualty insurance field, A.R.M.S. Consulting will support everyone engaged in the insurance field of a global company. Through the verification of your company's insurance arrangements, experts with a wide range of expertise in A.R.M.S. Consulting will support your insurance team from a global insurance market perspective. This will include tasks such as evaluation of current programs and proposals for improvement, evaluation of administration process management and proposal for new insurance programs.

We can provide solutions to your concerns such as:

Uneasiness caused by insufficient understanding of the insurance policies maintained at overseas business entities. Concerns about the risk protection levels of overseas subsidiaries.

It is difficult to understand the coverage and deductible clauses of insurance policies issued in a foreign language including English.

We are not providing sufficient support for consultation and advice on insurance arrangements from overseas subsidiaries.

We have questions regarding overseas insurance such as overseas insurance regulations and compliance information, but we do not have access to a consultant that we can feel free to ask these questions.

We can provide solutions to your concerns such as:

Is it true that the policy coverage among insurance companies are significantly different due to liberalization of the insurance market?

We cannot self assess/evaluate whether we have the right insurance cover to protect our specific business risks.

We would like to hold insurance study meetings (seminars, briefing sessions etc.) but we do not have the know-how to hold those meetings.

We want to know the latest insurance products, but there is no one nearby to advise us.