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Internationalization and globalization of business are progressing rapidly in many Japanese companies.
Under such a business environment, efficient and accurate approach is more and more strongly required in the insurance field which plays an important role of corporate risk management (ERM = Enterprise Risk Management). Are you, as the risk manager, confident that your company has sufficient insurance coverage to hedge all of the risks of your global business?
From the standpoint of a third-party consulting company with advanced know-how and extensive experience, our company will provide solutions to the queries, worries and concerns of a responsible risk manager who handles insurance matters.
We can be your powerful advisor for those who are evaluating and analyzing existing insurance arrangements or building new insurance programs.


・Cannot judge whether the current type of insurance is suitable
The insurance company just renews the current insurance policy and
  is only interested in verifying the premium
There is no information from the agency about the insurance products
  purchased by other companies in the same industry
We are interested in the latest insurance products, but there is no one
  who can advise
We are concerned whether the risks of our overseas subsidiaries are
  dealt appropriately
Cannot understand the coverage of insurance policies of our
  overseas subsidiaries
As for overseas policies, we cannot expect cooperation from our
  current insurance companies
Similarly, our agents do not have any interest whatsoever about the
  policies of our overseas subsidiaries

The role of Arms consulting

1. Provide information on the latest insurance
  products that are evolving day by day
2. Verification and explanation of the contents of
  your domestic insurance policy
3. Proposing insurance schemes which best fits the
  client's need
4. Analysis and verification of overseas subsidiary
  policies (English, Chinese)
5. Advice regarding broker's policies purchased by
  your overseas subsidiaries
6. Design and proposal of Umbrella policies covering
  all of your subsidiaries